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Chinese horoscope and feng shui advice

These are my experiences of reading Feng Shui. She was extremely generous and always made bread to give to the poor. A monk came to her house everyday and every time would ask for six or seven of the buns. She provided the bread for him regularly for three years, without complaint or reluctance, there are: home feng shui, palmistry and ba zi, palmistry and feng shui and zi wei dou shu feng shui. From a distance, I looked at the stall and the area of land it was on and observed some glowing beams of red light emerging from the ground, forming a red cloud over the area. This may have explained why the stall was so prosperous. Perhaps it was due to the auspicious Feng Shui of the place. The other stalls did not enjoy the same kind of customer traffic as that one stall did. They were barely surviving to make ends meet. This was indeed interesting.
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